Bulletin #13 – Support Staff Job Evaluation Committee

Job Evaluation (JE) is an important tool. It is used for measuring work and identifying classification inequities within and between school districts. The purpose of this provincial JE project is to make sure that those doing the same jobs are fairly classified across the province.

Job evaluation project phases

Currently, we are sitting between the completion of phase 3 and the implementation of phase 4.

End of Phase 3 update

Based on the completed 63 locals, there are a total of 2,813 support staff jobs currently entered in JET. That’s a lot of jobs and a lot of hard work completed by the JJECs. All of the jobs entered and matched by the JJECs are then validated closely by the Provincial Job Evaluation Steering Committee.

Stay tuned for our next bulletin about the history of job evaluation

We are working on a detailed backgrounder to share with you about the history of the joint job evaluation program and the importance of this work. We are excited to share it with you.

Provincial Job Evaluation Steering Committee Members:

Kirsten Daub – CUPE K-12 Coordinator
Jane Massy – CUPE, Local 947
Paul Simpson – CUPE, Local 379 & President of K-12 Presidents’ Council
Warren Williams – CUPE 15
Tammy Sowinski – BCPSEA
Chris Beneteau – BCPSEA
Kyle Uno – School District 36
Alanna Cameron – School District 87


Kari Scott-Whyte – CUPE Staff Advisor
Tracey Mathieson– CUPE Staff Advisor
Jackie Bonsal – BCPSEA Staff Advisor
Joe Strain/Ingrid Van Kemanade – BCPSEA Advisor

Committee Support:

Karina Pinto – BCPSEA
Katarina DiSimo – CUPE


Should you have any questions, please contact a member of your District’s Joint Job Evaluation Committee, Kirsten Daub, CUPE, at kdaub@cupe.ca; or Joe Strain, BCPSEA, at joestrainprovje@gmail.com.

Further Information

Please visit the Joint Job Evaluation Program website section for past information bulletins.

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