Trades and Grounds

Charlie S. 

CUPE 847, School Board Office 

Mechanic, 2 years 

I repair all the maintenance vehicles and the buses for School District 58. During the winter I remove snow from the sidewalks and emergency exits at one of our elementary schools. I also drive school bus once in a blue moon. 

I like working with the drivers and also making sure everything is safe for the kids to get to school and back home safely.  

I’ve been a mechanic all my life and have been with the school district for two years. The biggest challenge of my job is usually during the winter when its 30 below and buses don’t want to start. 

It’s always fun to get the reaction of the kids when you do a bus run. I’ve had one kindergarten kid call me the bearded bus driver. It’s fun to watch the reactions from the kids. I really enjoy them, it’s a good time.