Bargaining Update – Ready to bargain: first day Feb. 8

After months of training, research, consultations and discussions, the K-12 sector provincial bargaining committee is confident it’s ready to start negotiations. This week, the K-12 Presidents Council gave its overwhelming endorsement to the bargaining committee’s proposals and priorities for a provincial framework agreement.

Guided by the results of the provincial bargaining survey, the top bargaining priority will be fair wages that recognize the expertise, experience, and dedication of the provinces over 30,000 school support workers.

The bargaining committee met for several days in January to review the provincial bargaining survey results and draft proposals to best address the concerns raised by members.

The message from the survey and input from K-12 local presidents is clear – school support workers need and deserve fair wages and supports to keep providing vital services to this province’s students, families, schools, and communities.

Contract talks for the Provincial Framework Agreement will begin on February 8 and continue until March 3.

The bargaining committee will open negotiations with the B.C. Public School Employers Association on February 8th, with nine days of negotiations scheduled between then and March 3rd.

The bargaining committee will be sending out regular bulletins as negotiations progress. Watch for them at, directly from your local, and on our social media – @cupek12bc.

The K12 sector provincial bargaining committee includes elected representatives from each region. They are:

Paul Simpson, Chair


Christina Forsyth
Daun Frederickson
Dave Bollen
Tammy Murphy
Warren Williams
Francine Brisson (alternate)

South Island:

Amber Leonard
Jane Massy
Paul Knapik (alternate)

North Island:

Denise Bullock
Jeff Virtanen
Andrew Schneider (alternate)

Fraser Valley:

Jason Franklin
Tracey O’Hara
Tracey Dahlin (alternate)


Gray Boisvert
Tammy Carter
James Fox (alternate)


Michelle Bennett
Pattie Pocha
Heather Skarbo (alternate)


Jeanette Beauvillier
Monica Brady
Ken Evans (alternate)

Other support staff unions:

Haemant Sawh
Tim DeVivo

The committee will be assisted by a team of CUPE National staff.

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