K-12 Bulletin #7

Message from K-12 Presidents Council President Warren Williams

These have been very trying times with much uncertainty.

Yet you continue to show what it truly means to be a public service worker. It takes courage to continue to provide the services that keep the general public safe and secure during a pandemic. It also takes the support of your families during these challenging times.

As schools are bringing in more students, more classrooms will be used.

We will continue to push employers to provide PPE where necessary, and keep our members safe.

These times are scary and our physical safety is impor­tant. Also, our psychological well-being should not be set aside. We need to make sure all members are coping and taking care of themselves.

Please reach out if you are having difficulties or if you see someone who needs help.

Our members truly care about the students we serve. Thank you for all you do.

Your union is here to protect your safety.

In solidarity and safety,


Warren Williams

K-12 Presidents Council President

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