Recognizing excellence in B.C. schools

Nominations for the Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education are open. These awards are a great opportunity to highlight and celebrate the vital role support staff play in delivering quality public education in the province. There are three specific awards that are particularly relevant to K-12 school support members.

Outstanding Support – School Community

This category is open to individuals who provide support in a broader school setting. School support workers are eligible for nomination, including bus drivers, crossing guards, student supervisors, Indigenous cultural facilitators, custodians, maintenance/trades, and clerical.

Outstanding Support – Teaching Assistant

This category is open to Educational Assistants (including Indigenous Education Support Workers and Indigenous Youth Workers) who provide support within a classroom setting.

For these awards recognizing outstanding support, nominees will have:

  • Contributed to a healthy, safe and productive school community by creating inclusive, connected and engaging experiences for students, parents and the community.
  • Created an exciting and engaging environment for individual students or a group of students through innovative techniques.
  • Built strong collaborative relationships with other education professionals to support a student or group of students, in the school or community.
  • Supported students in their intellectual, human and social, or career development through individualized support and encouragement.

Outstanding Team Collaboration

This category is open to a team of at least three members (one of whom must hold a valid B.C. teaching certificate).  Criteria for nominees include:

  • Team members have collaborated on an exceptional initiative that has positively impacted student learning.
  • The success of the initiative is a result of a true collaboration among team members, not simply a collection of individual accomplishments.
  • The initiative addresses student needs.
  • The endeavors undertaken go above and beyond regular work or involve innovative approaches to curricular programming.

The Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education (PAEE) were created to recognize the exceptional contributions of B.C.’s teachers, administrators and support staff that are vital to the cultural, economic and social well-being of the province. The PAEE provide students, parents, teachers and other members of the community with an opportunity to celebrate those who make a real difference in B.C. schools.

This year, three award recipients will be chosen for each of the ten categories below. Each recipient will receive a taxable personal bursary for professional learning and a contribution to their school community for professional learning.

Information on how to nominate a school support worker for one of these awards can be found on the B.C. government website.

Nominations for the 2023 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education will be accepted until May 5th. Nominations need to have the support of a superintendent or designate.

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