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Provincial Bargaining well underway

The CUPE BC K-12 Presidents’ Council Bargaining Subcommittee has completed its first week of provincial bargaining. The Subcommittee met for five consecutive days with the BC Public School Employers’ Association in downtown Vancouver.

Committee chair Colin Pawson reports initial indications that BCPSEA seems interested in keeping the negotiations moving. To facilitate that process, the Council Subcommittee and BCPSEA have extended negotiation dates from three days later this month to seven days in a row – Nov. 19-25.

CUPE BC K-12 coordinator Bill Pegler points out that the startup to this round of talks has been much smoother now that the provincial table is well established.

In keeping with our mandated goal of improving our member benefits, the two sides agreed this week to explore health plan benefits standardization.

Your Subcommittee has presented proposals for a two-year agreement with long overdue wage increases and, where needed, provincial funding for wage regionalization and internal equity.  We are also pressing job security proposals, school calendar discussions and contracting in. Also on the agenda is Municipal Pension Plan enrolment and enhanced recognition for Education Assistants.

CUPE National president Paul Moist visited the Subcommittee this week to discuss the negotiations and to pledge CUPE’s support from across the country. Moist discussed tactics and issues from other K-12 sectors in other provinces.

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