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Tabletalk - Spring 2010

In the Spring Issue of Tabletalk you can read about cell phones and pagers, negotiations with Common Front, pension benefits, public libraries, the CUPE National Health Care Sector Meeting in B.C., innovative language for employees travelling by bicyle, the Vale Inco strike and the CPI.

Tabletalk - Winter 2010

Almost all provincial governments in this country have now frozen wages for public employees. Picking on public employees to pay back governement deficits seems to be popular, not only with governments, but with our families and neighbours as well!

Tabletalk - Winter 2011

Prescription drugs drive up the cost of benefits for both public and workplace plans. Since 2006, B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador have taken steps to limit the cost of generic drug pricing. Let's look at how the cost of generic drugs affects bargaining.  

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