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Service disruptions during March and April as Blue Cross transitions to new system

Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) will be transitioning to their new system, ACES, on April 4, 2014. PBC will be transitioning all of their clients at this time so there will be some disruption to services during March and April. 

Benefits administrators can visit PBC’s Open House site at:

For Employees:Please refer to the attached PBC bulletin.

Enrollment Freeze – March 11 to April 4

Website Administration (for PEBT)

Any additions, terminations or changes made after March 11 but before the April 4transition date will be held until the transition to ACES is complete.  If a member has an effective date during this period but cannot be enrolled, their eligible expenses incurred on or after their effective date will be covered but there will be a delay in having their claim paid. We recommend that the employee hold on to their claims until after the enrollment has been processed after the transition on April 4.

Claims Payment Freeze – March 27 to April 4

This is most important to those members with drug cards and submitting e-claims via CARESnet as PBC’s system cannot be accessed from March 27 to April 4. If an employee tries to use their drug card during this freeze period, the claim will not go through. Members can still get their prescriptions filled during this time by paying the pharmacy and submitting a paper claim for reimbursement. 

For employees with drug cards we recommend that employees get their prescriptions filled prior to March 27th, wherever possible.