CUPE K-12: Caring for BC students and public schools

Presidents’ Council asks for meeting with gov’t

BURNABY – K-12 Presidents’ Council chair Colin Pawson has written to BC Minister of Education Don McRae asking for a meeting to discuss underfunding and concerns that the government is interfering in the collective bargaining process.

The letter comes in the wake of news that McRae told school boards across the province that “there must not be any incremental cost to boards or the province as a result of collective agreements.”

In the letter, Pawson tells the minister that “asecond wage freeze on workers who have been without any increase since 2009 will not bring labour peace, fair and reasonable settlements or a high performing education system.”  

The letter asks McRae to “back upyour praise for the work we do with fair and reasonable action” and stresses that “CUPE and its members want labour peace. But our priority is to negotiate fair and reasonable settlements in line with other education settlements.”

Bargaining at the provincial table ended on Jan. 17 with virtually no progress made towards a collective agreement. No new dates have been scheduled.

The K-12 Presidents’ Council is slated to meet next week to determine next steps for mobilizing CUPE members and standing up for our 27,000 support workers across BC.