CUPE K-12: Caring for BC students and public schools

CUPE pledges to honour teachers’ picket lines

Teachers will begin rotating strikes on Monday, May 26 because of the unwillingness of the provincial government (and the BC Public School Employers’ Association) to offer improvements to class size, composition, and other vital learning conditions for students.

The rotating closures are part of a two-stage strike plan. Teachers gave their bargaining team an overwhelming mandate to begin low-level job action and then move to rotating strikes if meaningful progress was not made in negotiations. Eighty-nine per cent of teachers voted in favour of the two-stage job action.

CUPE K-12 members have firsthand knowledge of the provincial government’s unwillingness to properly fund education and the high cost to students and services caused by decades of underfunding. Throughout B.C., school districts are cutting staff and services to make up for budget shortfalls. CUPE K-12 locals are now heading into bargaining with the same employer.

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