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K-12 sector serves notice to bargain


BURNABY – The CUPE K-12 Presidents’ Council has officially given notice to bargain. CUPE BC K-12 co-ordinator Bill Pegler notified the BC Public School Employers Association on behalf of member locals across BC. Individual CUPE locals also gave notice to bargain. The K-12 sector bargains at two levels – a provincial table and at the CUPE Local level.  Talks are expected to get underway in the Fall. 
In preparation for the upcoming negotiations, the CUPE Provincial Bargaining Committee will hold its first meeting this week.  The committee, comprised of regional representatives, will begin the process of taking the priorities set by our presidents on May 24 and preparing provincial bargaining proposals.
Presidents’ Council chair Colin Pawson said that “after the modest gains and zero mandate in the last round of bargaining, a united CUPE K-12 will be looking for significant improvements to wages, job security and pension language.”  
The members of the CUPE Provincial Bargaining Committee by region are: 
Cherryl MacLeod (CUPE 1285), Ann Purvis (CUPE 440), Sue Krause (ALT) (CUPE 4165)
Central & North Vancouver Island
Ron Farino (CUPE 606), Daphne Ross (CUPE 746), Laura Johnston (ALT) (CUPE 727)
South Vancouver Island
Gilles LaRose (CUPE 382), Jan Peever (CUPE 459), Dean Coates (ALT) (CUPE 441)
Fraser Valley
Leslie Franklin (CUPE 703), Rod Isaac (CUPE 411), George Forsythe (ALT) (CUPE 593)
Metro Vancouver
Colin Pawson (CUPE 1091), Janice Meehan (CUPE 728), June Kaiser (CUPE 716), Marcel Marsolais (CUPE 409), Paul Simpson (CUPE 379), Warren William (ALT) (CUPE 15)
Clara Maltby (CUPE 523), Wendy Johnson (CUPE 3523), Sean Harris (ALT) (CUPE 523)
Northern Area
Denice Bardua (CUPE 4990), Paula Cox (CUPE 4177), Wilma Maier (ALT) (CUPE 2052)
CUPE represents 26,000 public education support staff including education assistants, first nations support workers, StrongStart facilitators, custodians, school secretaries, trades and maintenance workers and bus drivers in B.C.'s public schools.